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With over 10 years' experience in Dubai Property Management we are here to answer all the questions you may have regarding our 360° management solution.

  • Why choose The Property?
    With deep industry knowledge, technical expertise and a commitment to exceptional service, our dedicated team works as one to deliver integrated solutions and services you can trust. We manage your property like it's our own! We implement the highest standards of industry technology in-order to be operationally and financially transparent. We are invested in being market leaders within the industry and are commited to giving you complete peace of mind. Our management team have one awards for Property Management excellence within the UAE and hold a high reputation within the market.
  • Do you help me to find tenants?
    Yes, we offer a full A-Z solution from finding tenants to depositing cheques into your bank account. We are partnered with all major property portals in Dubai and have a specialist team ensuring that your property is gaining maximum exposure. Additionally, we run open houses and maximimse social media to boost visibility of your property in the market.
  • How long will it take to rent my property?
    A great question! But unfortunately one that cannot be guaranteed; the answer will depend on a number of mitigating factors such as: where your property is located, number of bedrooms, the current condition, market demand, cheque flexibility, and your expecation on the rental amount. Before advertising your property you will recieve a market report (from a third party data partner) along with a consulatation with your asset manager to guide you on the reccomended market price. We always aim to optimise ROI and minimise vacant periods therefore we take any listing price very seriously.
  • Do you have an additional tenancy contract addendum?
    Yes, all our Property Management contracts come with our additional tenancy contract addendum to ensure that our landlords are protected. The agreement includes clauses such as, a major/minor clause that protects the landlord from rectifying any issue that falls below and other aspects of the home such as, AC servicing and the painting of the property. Additional conditions also bind the tenant to make sure the property is returned in the condition it was received. Our addendum has been developed throughout our 10 years' experience in the market and aims to fully protect our clients.
  • How do you ensure my tenant is taking good care of my property?
    We conduct a number of condition reports including an annual inspection to ensure your property is being taken care of. Additionally we make move-in and move-out reports in order to compare the condition of your property. Our additional tenancy contract addendum also includes clauses such as cleaning and painting to ensure your property is returned in the correct condition. In the unfortunate case that your property is damaged with will negotiate with the tenant and deduct penalities from the security deposit in order to correct any damages occured.
  • How do I keep upto date with my property?
    We will givey you access to our mobile application (Android or iOS) to keep upto date with your property in real-time. Our application shows all debit, credit, maintenance requests, and tenant / contract information that are related to your property in real time.
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